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Have you seen certain brands selling their products or giving out free samples in order to promote their products in other shops? This is the concept of SIS shop in shop. In this concept, a brand owner or a retailer takes up space in another brand owner or retailer’s space. Usually, this happens when the former brand is a subsidiary of the latter and the latter wants to promote it. However, this also happens when collaborations takes place. So here are some reasons regarding why you should opt forshop-in-shop collaborations.



This SIS shop-in-shop concept is one of the best ways to create excitement among the shoppers for a particular product or brand as these specialty shops can work as ‘pop-ups’. At Novatrix Designs, we know that these collaborations require a lot of deliberations and effort and our experienced is up to any challenge.Our team works in-depth with the retailer or the brand owner to develop an efficient and attractive shop in shop design so that the brand gets promoted, grabs more eyeballs, gets enough head turns and ultimately start bringing in profits for both the parties.


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